Kerala's Attukal pongal event draws enormous crowds...

According to those familiar with the development, thousands of ladies descended upon the thiruvananthapuram region of kerala on sunday in observance of "Attukal Pongala." At least 3,000 police officers were stationed throughout the city to supervise traffic and make other arrangements, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation. As part of the temple festival in the state capital, the devotees served the Attukal goddess "pongala," a sort of rice pudding prepared in earthen pots on brick hearths.

Women from all across kerala and nearby states like tamil Nadu attend the "Attukal Pongala," which is dubbed as one of the largest gatherings of women in the world. According to the locals, the goddess of the centuries-old Attukal Devi temple is adored by her followers as "Bhadrakali" or "Kannaki," to whom a "pongal" offering is offered on the ninth day of the temple's 10-day celebration.

According to sources familiar with the matter, women dressed in traditional "veshti mundu" started erecting hearths in different sections of the city prior to sunrise. Special services were offered for their convenience by the indian Railways and the state-run KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation). The top priest moved the holy fire from the sanctum sanctorum to the "Pandara Aduppu" (hearth within the temple), according to the people, when the day lightened despite the early showers.

As part of the ceremony, "pongala payasam," a rice pudding composed with red rice, coconut, ghee, banana, and jaggery, is boiled over in clay pots. According to one of the individuals mentioned above, the celebration came to an end at 2:30 pm with the women making a comparable offering and the goddess receiving a "pongala payasam" offering.

According to an official, "at least 3,000 police officers were stationed throughout the city to supervise traffic and other arrangements." According to the official, about 500 buses provided services both inside and beyond the city. Green procedures were enforced for the event by the Suchitwa Mission, the state government's cleanliness department, and they requested that people refrain from using plastic. Like every year, the thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation has been working to remove debris from the roads following the festival, with a focus on the brick kilns.

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