Following a mob attack in Lahore, Pakistan, a lady was placed into police arrest for wearing clothing with Arabic patterns on it that some believed to be Quranic verses. A local police officer is heard in recordings that are currently going viral stating that the woman and her husband were out shopping when the mob demanded that she remove the top she was wearing. 

The punjab police released a video of the event, praising the officer who was on the scene and attempted to defuse the tension. The cop was named as ASP Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi. She was observed escorting the woman out of sight of the throng. Social media users extensively circulated a video of the woman sitting in what looked to be a restaurant with her hands on her face while a throng fought outside. She is surrounded by numerous police officers.

Sharing the video, an X user wrote, "This women would have been slaughtered in the name of religion had this ASP not rescued her on time (sic)." Meanwhile, several X users came in support of the woman and claimed that the shirt she was wearing simply contained Arabic words and were Quranic verses.


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