The famous young actress's condition is critical..!?

Actress arundhati Nair, who met with an accident while riding a bike last month is now in critical condition said by her relatives. arundhati Nair, a malayalam actress from Kerala, has acted in a few films in tamil as well. arundhati, who made her debut as a heroine in the 2014 film 'Pongi Ezhu Manokara', followed this with the film 'Saitan' opposite actor Vijay Antony. arundhati Nair, who continues to focus on malayalam films, was riding a bike along the Kovalam bypass road with her brother last month when an unidentified vehicle hit her and disappeared in the blink of an eye. arundhati Nair, who was thrown from the accident, was said to have been lying on the road for over an hour without speech or breath. Later, the police reached the spot and rescued arundhati and her brother, and admitted them to a nearby hospital. arundhati Nair has been undergoing intensive treatment at a private hospital in thiruvananthapuram for more than 20 days. She is being treated with the help of a ventilator due to severe head injuries and difficulty in breathing. Also due to severe head injury due to blood clots due to the injury, she underwent brain surgery.
Her family has said that her condition is very critical. Arundhati's sister aarthi said that Arundhati's treatment costs 2 lakhs per day and so far more than 40 lakhs have been spent. arundhati Nair's mother had already said that she was struggling without money for her daughter's treatment and no celebrities came forward to help her. It is noteworthy that Arundhati's brother is currently recovering from the impact of the accident.

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