Billionaire businessman Elon Musk has disclosed his intentions to enter the smart tv market with the release of his new app, X TV. @XNews made the news via a post on platform X, which was formerly known as Twitter. The announcement was accompanied by a short 10-second video teaser, so specifics are still sparse, but the post claims that X tv will soon be accessible on smart TVs worldwide.
CEO of X, now known as Twitter, Linda Yaccarino expressed her excitement by saying, "X is changing everything, from the small screen to the big screen." With the X tv App, we'll soon be able to stream entertaining, real-time entertainment to your smart TVs.

Linda gave a preview of X TV's features, which are designed to give customers with an immersive and high-quality entertainment experience on bigger displays. Personalised watching experiences powered by AI, a trending video algorithm to keep viewers up to date on popular content, and improved video search capabilities to locate material faster are just a few of the standout features. The software will also facilitate easy cross-device viewing, so users can begin watching on their phones and continue on their TVs. Users will be able to cast their favourite films from mobile devices to large screens with ease.

Linda provided further details on her X page, mentioning that the app is widely accessible on the majority of smart TVs and asking the audience to provide ideas for its advancement. The small print mentions the app's cross-device compatibility and its utilisation of user data via internal algorithms, but it doesn't go into complete detail about how much data X tv uses or how AI is integrated.


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