On Thursday, the Commissioner of Food Safety's task force team conducted inspections of two well-known eateries in Madhapur, Rameshwaram Café and Baahubali Kitchen, and found multiple breaches.
During inspections at Rameshwaram Café, the task force team discovered 100 kilograms of urad dal worth Rs 16,000, which had expired in March. The inspection teams also found 10 kilograms of expired Nandini curd and 8 liters of expired milk worth Rs. 700. All three things, urad dal, milk, and curd, were thrown on the spot.

The task force also discovered incorrectly tagged raw rice (450kg), white lobia (20kg) worth Rs. 26, 000, and unlabelled jaggery (300kg) worth Rs. 30, 000, which were confiscated. According to the Commissioner of Food Safety, medical fitness certifications for food handlers were not accessible, and dustbins were not adequately covered with lids at the Café.
At Baahubali Kitchen, the task force teams discovered and dumped fake food colors. They also noticed a major cockroach infestation in the kitchen, as well as cockroaches on food items in the storeroom. There were no pest control records, according to the Food Safety Commissioner.

The kitchen was filthy, and the cleaning room was stagnant with water. Furthermore, semi-prepared and uncooked foods were incorrectly stored in the refrigerator. The medical fitness certificate for food workers was not found. The eatery also did not exhibit an accurate copy of its FSSAI license.

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