Is professor Nageshwar unilaterally standing for YCP?

- professor Nageshwar served as an MLC in the graduate quota.

- Nageshwar also analyzed the recent elections held in AP

- It is analyzed that Pawan is the strength of the coalition.

Everyone knows about professor Nageshwar who is popular in both telugu states. Apart from being a leading analyst, he is also known for predicting political outcomes. Actually wherever the election is held who will win?   Everyone makes predictions about who will lose. But, which ones are reliable and which ones are not..? It is somewhat difficult to say. But, it is said that there will be some transparency in the case of professor Nageshwar.

Professor Nageshwar, who has been in the teaching profession for a long time, also served as an MLC in the graduate quota. After that, they stay away from direct politics and participate in analysis and discussions. It should be said that chaitanya Nageshwar is at the forefront of the order of making the people aware of the style of business of political parties. Nageshwar also analyzed the recent elections held in AP. He said that those who received welfare schemes from the ycp government voted in support of that party.

Further, with Pawan's entry, the political face has changed. It is analyzed that Pawan is the strength of the coalition. The professor said that if Pawan had not played a key role in allying, the elections would have been one-sided in AP. It is worth noting that he said that the fight is still tough.

However, if ycp has 10 pluses, it has up to 12 minuses, and by joining forces with BJP, the minority, SC and ST vote bank will be split, according to the professor's analysis. There is no doubt that the things he has said in the past, such as not having any relation with the government parties, have added credibility to professor Nageswar's analysis. But this time, criticism is being heard from tdp and Jana Sena sympathizers that he is unilaterally standing for YCP.

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