Babu's Cabinet: Except for four or five, only middle-class people...!?

- cabinet chance for common people except for Pawan, Lokesh, Nadendla, Gottipati, and Bharat.
- Babu took gentle and non-controversial persons.
- 17 people gave entry to politics in the past..!

It is noteworthy that all those who are in Chandrababu's cabinet in ap are also humble and educated. Moreover, they have gained a reputation as non-controversial. It is noteworthy that there are no controversies against anyone. Even if there are cases against each other, they are related to businesses. It is more remarkable that they are not social. All of them are highly educated. The fact that all three women ministers come from high-level backgrounds is a more common factor.
In terms of assets, except for four farmers Pawan, Chandrababu, Nara Lokesh, Nadendla Manohar, Gottipati ravi Kumar, and TG Bharat, all of them are continuing upper-middle class lives. Moreover, it is more special that they are the ones who know the difficulties of the middle class. In fact, none of the 17 people who took oath as ministers for the first time entered politics. At least everyone has ten years of experience. Moreover, it is noteworthy that all of them are leaders with a movement background. No matter the name, the leaders are associated with some movement.

They also have a history of solving problems. From gummadi Sandhyarani to Vangalapudi Anitha. They have a background of fighting against problems. Also, a leader like satya Prasad, who rose from an ordinary worker, to get a place in the cabinet is an unusual thing. It is surprising that he still travels on his motorcycle. Everyone knows that Gottipati is known as a leader of the people. Also, the three who were taken from the janasena are leaders among the people and with the people. Satyakumar, who came from the BJP, has won at the regional level. Moreover, he has written a book on border issues. It will be known how much understanding he has of Seema. No matter how you look at it, the appointment of Satyakumar is a good thing. anam ramanarayana reddy is known as a leader who is keen on the problems of Nellore. It is noteworthy that he has a following as a senior politician and an uncontroversial leader who exudes modesty. And, dola bala veeranjaneyaswamy was a gentleman who was known as a leader known to the people. Since they are gentle and non-controversial, Chandrababu has no doubt that this team will come together.

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