A young Murli's goal is to win an Olympic gold medal for India. Murli has always been drawn to wrestling because of the renowned wrestler Dara Singh, and at a very young age, he makes the decision to begin training in his hometown. He watches other people wrestle in the ring throughout his teens to stay in shape and pick up the skills necessary for the sport. Murli, who has never competed in the sport before, takes centre stage in a local tournament in the hamlet and defeats his opponent—a fellow novice—despite having received official instruction.

This is the start of his trip. After the struggle, he is forced to flee, and it is there that he finds the train that will take him one station closer to his ideal world. His development from a youthful athlete to an experienced athlete and his time as an indian Army soldier are covered in the first part of the book.

Even Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, which portrays Milkha Singh's (Farhan Akhtar) life in a military training camp in Secunderabad, may be compared. Most of the first half is devoted to the young, ambitious troops, a tough and boisterous teacher, and their training, eating, and staying together. Thanks to tiger Ali, portrayed by Vijay Raaz, Murli transforms from a wrestler to a boxer in this training facility and became pro. You'll undoubtedly be reminded of Sylvester Stallone's Eye of the tiger from the rocky film series by Murli's training and development from a wrestler to a professional boxer. However, don't yet allow your comparisons take centre stage!

The emotional ups and downs of Murli, who is shot by nine bullets during the 1971 Indo-Pak war and becomes paralysed from the knee down, are shown in the second part. Murli's tale, which traces her journey from a person who was about to give up on life to a Paralympian gold medallist, elevates the movie and gives the second half a new perspective. Clearly, Kartik has given his strongest performance to date, perfectly capturing the inner turmoil of his character, most of which stems from people's unbelief in his abilities and Murli's childhood bullying. Furthermore, viewers will be cheering for the star, Kartik, throughout the dramatic yet heartfelt conclusion.

Overall, Bollywood's Best movie of 2024 and it's an understatement!

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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