The telangana Food Safety Department is still inspecting restaurants in hyderabad, and on Friday, june 14, the department also checked up some well-known eateries in Madhapur. During the raids, the authorities discovered grave breaches of food safety.

Restaurants in hyderabad store expired products
Among several restaurants in hyderabad, The Task Force team raided ‘The chocolate Room’ and found food articles like Mocktail syrup, Icing sugar, Rosemary leaves, cinnamon powder, Cashews and chicken breast strips were found expired and were discarded by the officials on the spot.

“Unlabelled food articles like Tasty beans and Thai curry sauce were seized. Pest control records and medical fitness certificates of food handlers are not available with FBO. The restaurant in hyderabad displayed a receipt of the licence instead of an FSSAI licence copy,” the department said in a press release.

Officials discovered that the refined vegetable fat mix, African piri piri dressing, and Pranco bread crumbs at the popular pizza restaurant "La Pino's Pizza" in hyderabad had expired.
"Food items that were partially cooked, such as pasta, paneer, chicken sheek kebabs, smoked chicken, and chicken salami, were discovered to be unlabeled and thus thrown out right away. The food handlers' medical fitness certifications were not on file with FBO. Records of pest control were accessible through FBO. The agency stated, "FSSAI licence true copy displayed at a prominent place."

Raids on tomato sauce making units
On june 10, the government discovered major infractions in the handling and storage of tomato sauce production plants in the nacharam and jeedimetla districts, in addition to eateries in Hyderabad.
Food safety regulators discovered that the food handlers of Sri jyothi Food industries in nacharam, which distributes tomato sauce under the trade name "JL Continental Sauce," had medical fitness certifications.
The inspectors have not located any medical fitness certifications for food handlers at Agarwal Food Products in jeedimetla, which produces the sauce under the brand name "Sipp..Tomato Sauce." Additionally, the facility was not equipped with insect-proof screens to keep out pests.

Officials in hyderabad have been vigilant of restaurants over meeting food safety regulations.

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