A guy who posted a video of raveena tandon being heckled by a crowd has received a defamation notice from Tandon. The footage of the current road rage incident went viral on social media very fast. The person has been targeted by Raveena's legal team for disseminating offensive material.
A guy called Mohsin Shaikh has received a defamation notice from raveena tandon for sharing a video in which she claims the actor was intoxicated the night of the road rage incident. She has served him with a defamation notice of Rs 100 crore.

Speaking about the same, the actor's lawyer Sana Raees Khan told us, "Recently, an attempt was made to embroil Raveena in a false and frivolous complaint which was clarified in CCTV footage and no complaint was filed. However, recently, a person claiming to be a journalist, is disseminating false information on X regarding the said incident, which is factually incorrect and misleading."

She went on, "It seems that the spread of false information is an intentional attempt to damage Raveena's image for personal gain. The persistent dissemination of these lies appears to be motivated by extortion and a desire for low-cost publicity at the price of Raveena's honour. In order to resolve this matter, guarantee that justice is done, and take appropriate legal action against him for continuing this defamatory campaign, we are presently pursuing all available legal avenues."

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