Presenting kalki 2898-AD, the eagerly awaited indian science fiction film that doesn't hesitate to push the envelope of creativity. Having spent an incredible $75 million (about 600 crores) on it, writer-director Nag Ashwin—who is best known for his gripping dramas like yevade subramanyam and Mahanati—marks a dramatic departure from his previous genres with this picture. 

Kalki 2898 AD is positioned as India's response to hollywood in the science fiction field. This action-packed epic seems certain to become a global hit and offers a thrilling cinematic experience. But even with these expectations, there doesn't seem to be much initial excitement about the movie. Despite its good intentions, the advertising material does not create the buzz that is needed. On the other hand, SS rajamouli and his group heavily promoted rrr, particularly in the North. 

Even though they produced a movie as amazing as Baahubali, they nonetheless went to a lot of events and performances to promote the movie. But in spite of their best efforts, rrr only managed an opening of 18 crores in Hindi. Still, it managed to garner an impressive lifetime gross of 275 crores in hindi alone. kalki 2898-AD required a more extensive marketing campaign to reach the Northern masses and have a lasting effect. Regretfully, the creators decided against it.
Even if they have a few of interviews scheduled with bollywood media in the next few days, it might not be enough to generate the necessary fervour. pushpa 2's latest postponement from august 15 to december 6 has prompted discussion among some, who argue that kalki 2898-AD should now take the august 15 slot so the club can devote more resources to high-caliber marketing. Widespread promotion is needed for this movie, especially in hindi and other South indian languages. With only a week until its premiere, one would think that the movie would be sending everyone into a state of excitement. Unfortunately, that feeling of expectation isn't there right now.

At this late point, there is no way to postpone the movie due to practical constraints. All preparations are in place for the great release on june 27. Tickets have already been sold in the US and other countries. And any current momentum for the movie would also vanish if they decide to push it back to august 15. It is now up to the creators to release the remaining songs and a killer release trailer. They should take advantage of every chance for well-deserved promotions during the brief window of time.

Whether or whether kalki 2898-AD is a compelling and enjoyable movie will ultimately determine its success. If they have, nothing will be able to stop it from becoming popular. On the other hand, no amount of marketing will be able to make kalki 2898-AD a hit if the movie doesn't succeed.


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