Even if the congress government gives tackling this issue a top priority, more than 1,000 retired government personnel are still employed. About 80% of these retired personnel are still employed despite efforts to address the issue of retirees working on extensions, re-appointments, contracts, and outsourcing.
A government report states that just 10% to 15% of the 1,050 retired employees who were still employed as of january had been let go. A decision on the other retired staff members is anticipated shortly, most likely after the IPS and IAS officials' moves. The municipal department employs 180 people, which is the largest number among the 1,050 retired employees who are currently working.

There are 88 retired employees in the higher education department, 81 in the R&B department, 75 in the civil supply department, and 70 in the irrigation department. The expected yearly cost of compensating these retired personnel who were still in service as of january 2024 was around Rs 1,800 crore.

According to the research, the Municipal Department has the greatest number of retained retirees—180 people who are above retirement age but continue to work in the department. Closely behind, the Department of Higher education has 88 of these cases, and the Departments of Roads and Buildings and Civil Supplies have 81 and 75 retirees who are still employed, respectively. According to the most recent statistics, the Irrigation Department employs 70 retirees, amounting to an estimated yearly cost of Rs 1,800 crore.

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