Pakistan Players are ill-treated by their fans..!?

Pakistan's poor performance in the 2024 t20 world cup led them to exit the group stage. Following this, fans of the pakistan team criticized the players of the team on social media. In this situation, some fans cross the border and go directly to the Pakistani players and meet them in public. One such incident has shaken pakistan cricket. At present, some of the Pakistani team members are staying in America even after the World Cup. The team's fast bowler Haris Rauf was walking on the side of the road with his wife in America. Then a Pakistani fan asked to take a photo with Haris Rauf. Haris Rauf refused. The fan immediately lashed out at Haris Rauf. He criticized him by pointing out his poor performance in the t20 World Cup. So angry Haris Rauf went to beat him.
Then the security guards and his wife stopped him. Public abuse of Pakistani cricketers has happened many times before. Every time the pakistan team fails in the World Cups, the Pakistani fans have similarly abused the players of the team with harsh words and hurt their feelings.Earlier, pakistan lost to india in the 2019 ODI World Cup. Then a fan looked at the captain of the team, Sarfraz Ahmad, and asked, "Why are you fat as a pig?" He teased. Next in the 2021 t20 world cup, Hasan ali missed a catch against Australia. So pakistan lost that match. A few days later, when Hasan ali played in a local match, a fan hurled abuse at him.Similarly, the current captain of the pakistan team, Babar Azam, is being teased as "Zimbabwe", indicating that he has not led the pakistan team well in any world cup series so far, indicating that he will only score runs with the Zimbabwean team. In the 2007 t20 world cup, pakistan reached the final and lost to India. Then a fan humiliated shaheen Afridi in public. Then it became a big controversy. In this way, Pakistani fans continue to humiliate, ridicule, and taunt their team's players in public. The former players of pakistan have condemned such fans who do not take the game as a game and do not limit their criticism to a certain extent, but go directly to scold the players and use bad words against them. Pakistani fans who behave like this should behave humanely.

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