Social media users were incensed after a video purportedly showing hyderabad police frightening vendors with a lathi charge appeared. This raised concerns about the city police's "friendly policing" approach.
In a video that went viral on the social networking site X on Monday, june 24, the hyderabad police can be seen threatening shopkeepers to close their businesses by 11 p.m. with loudspeakers attached atop autorickshaws.
The video purports to be from Bahadurpura in Old City, where shopkeepers were told by the police to close their stores by 11 p.m. or face beatings. “11 ke baad idhar dikhna ich nahi. Agar dikhey toh maar khatey. Lathi charge kardetey. No friendly police. Lathicharge police. Theek hai? 11 ke baad no open. (Don’t be outside in this area post 11 pm. If you are spotted, you will be thrashed, lathi-charged at),” an officer can be heard making the announcement.

Additionally, a police car is shown pulling up to the side of the road and advising the vendors to close.
The police officer who made the statement was alluding to the telangana police's claim to be “people-friendly police,” which is embodied in their appealing caller melody.

According to reports, the police have been making these statements while roving throughout the Old City and have occasionally arrested people who are gathered at restaurants late at night.
In the wake of many reported murder instances in the past several days, the city has tightened security and stepped up night patrols. In the twin city, there have also been more traffic checks and frisking.
When residents—especially young people—are seen lingering on the streets or conducting raids on hotels that are open after hours, the police have resorted to using force against them.

Activists have questioned the police's "curb crime" strategies on several occasions. Activists have criticised operations like Mission Chabutra, cordon and search procedures, and heightened CCTV monitoring. They claim the police violated their privacy and targeted particular citizen groups unfairly.

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