Six men and four women were detained by the police on suspicion of taking part in a mujra dance party at a Moinabad farmhouse. Three ladies from delhi were allegedly brought by the persons to take part in the dancing party. The ladies were reportedly observed dancing indecently for the Moinabad farmhouse's patrons, according to the police.
The ladies were allegedly taken from the home and taken to a rehabilitation facility by the Moinabad police. The police arrived at the scene after obtaining information and apprehending every person associated with the unlawful assembly. Ten of the attendees and the administration of the farmhouse are the targets of a case that has been booked. Telangana's authorities have been clamping down on gatherings at unlicensed farmhouses to stop criminal activity, including drug usage.

When the police came, a mujra party that had reportedly been hosted in a farm home in Moinabad, Hyderabad, broke up, leading to the arrest of 12 males and 4 girls. It was said that the females from delhi had been brought by the youngsters to join in the dance celebration.
Police reports claim that the gang was caught when they were dancing in partial nudeness. The Moinabad police moved quickly to arrest everyone who was a part of the unlawful assembly. The authorities are still investigating the event and trying to learn more about the people who planned and participated in the mujra party.


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