Trap of fake jobs abroad! indians became victims of fraud ...

In india, the employment rate is over 50%. Everyone aspires to live a better life and make increasingly more money by performing well in their work. However, some people take advantage of this dream and defraud the regular people. Some young indian people have recently become ensnared in the desire to amass millions of rupees. After being tricked into joining the Russian army, he was compelled to fight against Ukraine. The majority of these young people are from Telangana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Jammu & Kashmir.

The young people allege that they were promised jobs as security guards and aides in the army. However, he was then put into the combat zone alongside Russian soldiers. Twenty indian nationals are reportedly stuck in russia, according to the indian authorities. india has brought up this issue with the Russian authorities. Additionally, indian nationals searching for work in russia have been cautioned to exercise caution.

According to the indian Embassy, there are agents who grant business or tourist visas under the pretense of offering employment in Russia. Take caution when dealing with these agents. They might be dishonest. Working in russia while on a tourist or business visa is prohibited. You must apply for an employment visa if you wish to work in Russia.

This is a horrendous instance of fraud committed in the course of employment. On the other hand, indians have been taken advantage of in the guise of employment before. 

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