X Symbol behind the train...!? Do you know why..?

Many of us have noticed the letter X in the last compartment during train journeys. However, it is unlikely that many people would have thought about the reason for this. The Ministry of Railways has clearly explained on twitter what the X in the last compartment of the train means. Chances are high that this explanation by the Railways will surprise you. "Did you know? The letter 'X' on the last coach of a train means that the train has passed without any coaches behind it, tweeted the Ministry of Railways. Along with this, they posted a photo with an X in yellow. This X shows that no train has been missed.
They have also given it a title called The X Factor. letter 'X' indicates the last coach in the train. Railway officials will ensure that the train has not left any other coaches behind. This post has recently trended on the internet. Since tweeting, the post has received over 2 lakh views. And this number keeps on increasing. And this post has been liked by more than 4 thousand 100 people. Many people are commenting on the video and posting their views. While a warning like this is useful, it also raises the question of whether incidents singling out coaches are common, one person commented on Twitter. Another posted that he is amazed at the importance of this. Awesome Information and keep sharing such useful information, commented another. As the indian Railways sector is growing rapidly, satellite photography technology is being provided in association with isro to know the real-time location of the train. This new scheme is being implemented soon in alliance mode.

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