Will the Black Hole swallow the earth..? Analysts in Shock..!

Researchers have discovered a giant black hole large enough to swallow the Earth. Various information has been leaked about this shocking black hole. Researchers in australia have discovered this giant black hole. These giant rays are called the giant black hole in English. Researchers around the world are involved in space, with its indescribable wonder and strange properties. From nasa in the US to isro in India, billions of dollars are being spent on space exploration. Yet even then some of the mysteries of space remain unsolved. One of them is research on this black hole.
What is a black hole?

The BLACK HOLE is a powerful and also invisible vacuum found in the vast space. The black hole has a high gravitational force, so powerful that it can absorb any light passing through it. It is powerful enough to attract the sun to itself. This black hole is so powerful that it does not emit even the smallest light that has entered it. Near our Milky Way galaxy is the black hole which is said to be 40 million times larger than the Sun. All ideas about this black hole are defined by the objects around it.
Black hole development and research:

A black hole has now been discovered by an international team led by astronomers at the Australian National University. Researchers say that this particular black hole has been growing rapidly over the last 9 billion years. Researchers say that this black hole is 7,000 times brighter than all the light coming from our galaxy. Senior researchers Dr. christopher Onken and co-author Christian Wolf, who led the team, said that researchers have been researching the black hole for the past 50 years, but they have failed to find such a huge, massive black hole that could swallow an Earth.
The researchers estimate that the black hole weighs about 3 billion suns. Moreover, huge black holes like this stopped growing billions of years ago. Strangely, this particular black hole alone is not stopping growth. Could it be that the two galaxies collided with each other? The researchers said that the research was carried out from the angle of. Researchers believe that the discovery of this black hole in space research will be a new milestone.

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