Ram Navami violence: Tensions in several states-P3...

On Thursday, ram Navami was observed throughout West Bengal. According to reports, processions took place in almost every municipality. However, a fight broke out between the two factions in Howrah on ram Navami. There were allegedly attacks on a number of individuals and homes. In this incident, several individuals sustained injuries. mamata banerjee, the chief minister, has vowed to take harsh action against those responsible for the violence. Attacks and damage have occurred in maharashtra as well. There, a police car was lit ablaze.

How did Sambhajinagar of maharashtra get burnt?

Violence broke out in Maharashtra's Sambhajinagar as well. No one knew when the fight between two boys became a fight between two communities. The matter escalated after the violence outside the ram temple at 12.30 in the night. people had set police vehicles on fire. There was a bombardment.

Why are people blaming the police?

Most of the people say that on this day the responsibility of security rests on the shoulders of the police. If the police wanted, such violence could have been stopped. In sensitive areas, either the entry of the procession would have been banned, or security arrangements would have been provided to them on the entire route. In West Bengal, bjp is blaming mamta Banerjee government. The opposition is questioning the role of the police even in BJP-ruled states.

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