Many people were surprised by the visa bulletin from December. However, issuing so many green cards to one nation was never intended under the US immigration system. Every country has a 7% allotment allotted to it. Thus, each employment-based permanent residence category can only grant 3,266 immigrant visas per year to india and china, including those for dependents. Every year, hundreds of thousands of H-1B workers from china and india, along with their families, wait for immigration visa numbers.

Only when congress permits the recapture of unused immigrant visa numbers from the prior year or when any unused immigrant visa numbers in the EB1 or Family categories are moved over to the EB-2 india category do indian EB-2 applicants receive additional green cards. Only twice in the past twenty years have events of this type occurred.

The first occurrence was when a pool of 131,000 employment-based permanent residency numbers that had gone unused in fiscal years 1999 and 2000 were reclaimed by the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act (AC21), which President Bill Clinton supported. It let oversubscribed nations like india to utilise those regained numbers.

These green card numbers were used up by november 2005. congress is currently not interested in passing a bill to restore green cards to legal immigrants since its top objective is to award green cards to millions of children of illegal immigrants, also known as "dreamers" owing to their dire circumstances. After a fifteen-year break, Covid was due for a second time in 2020. The closure of embassies lasted for a long time. The majority of family-based green cards could not be granted as a result, and they were transferred to the employment-based quota. The number of green cards for employment-based categories increased dramatically as a result.

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