Actor Sarathbabu has sepsis..!? What are the symptoms..?

Actor Sarathbabu's Sepsis and Explanation of its Symptoms:
Pattina Pravesam, directed by K. balachander in 1971, was the debut film of actor Sarathbabu in tamil cinema. Born in Andhra Pradesh, he appeared as a hero in various languages including tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. He has acted in more than 230 films in South indian languages. The films muthu and annamalai in which he played character roles are still talked about. Actor Sarathbabu, who is now 71 years old, is said to be suffering from sepsis. Due to this, he was admitted to a private hospital in hyderabad at the end of last month. Doctors say that the organs have started to fail. Is sepsis such a deadly disease? Know its full details here.
What is sepsis?

Sepsis is a life-threatening disease that requires medical attention immediately. That is, the condition where the infection is serious in our body is called sepsis. When the human body is affected by an infection, the body's immune system fights and destroys it. A good diet and immunity are sufficient for common infectious diseases. But when there is an infection that is more virulent that attacks the human body, the immune system found in the body cannot fight the infection for a long time. Flu-like symptoms will occur.

For example, if you get an infection like food poisoning, the symptoms of stomach ache, vomiting, and nausea will come immediately. Then the doctor will give the medicine to prevent the disease. But the next stage is a serious infection. It cannot be defeated by the immune system. Antibiotic and antiviral pills prescribed by the doctor cannot be controlled. Due to this, the organs of the body will start getting affected. If the infection is in your urinary tract, both of your kidneys can be affected. The next stage will be the damage to the heart. blood pressure also decreases. The next step is an infection of the lungs. This is what A.R.D. Doctors refer to the syndrome as (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). Doctors say that if the infection spreads in the body and affects many organs, the patient may even lose consciousness. Sepsis can do just that to you.
Sepsis impact:

First, when one organ gets infected and affects other organs, we call it sepsis or septicemia. This may cause danger to life. Adjuvant medications and other treatments are needed when a person develops sepsis.

Who will be infected?

Sepsis occurs only during periods of low immunity. people undergoing organ transplants are given drugs that suppress the immune system. Then their immune system will temporarily decrease. Some people may develop sepsis during this time.
When cancer patients undergo chemotherapy, their immune system is weakened. If an infection occurs during those times, the person is also at risk of developing sepsis. Sepsis can occur in old age. That is between 70 and 80 years of age, the immunity of a person will automatically decrease. people with diabetes also have reduced immunity. They are at risk of sepsis. Therefore, if a person's immune system is strong, they can avoid infectious diseases like sepsis. Even if you haven't taken care of your health before, take care now. Take extra care of the elderly in your household.

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