Dangers of eating too much pizza..!?

Do we know the disadvantages of eating too much pizza?
Pizza is considered to be one of the favorite foods among fast food lovers. This type of Italian cuisine has now become one of the most popular indian dishes. Medical experts warn that eating this often will cause many types of damage to the body.

Risk of heart diseases:

Pizza made with maida is rich in nutrients. pizza can also cause your cholesterol levels to increase due to the cheese and charred toppings. Often, eating three or four slices of pizza increases the risk of heart disease.

A slice of cheese pizza contains about 400 calories of fat. Two or three slices can increase your cholesterol levels by 800 to 1200. If you add pepperoni toppings on top of this, you will gain more fat than the above. According to a study, a person should consume 2000 calories per day. As such, eating pizza frequently increases our daily fat intake by 40 to 60 percent. Due to this, there is a risk of problems including obesity.

Cancer risk?

Doctors say that eating too much-processed curry, pepperoni, bacon, and other toppings along with pizza can definitely lead to colon cancer or stomach cancer.

How else to eat pizza?

If you eat pizza infrequently and not often, and then make some effort to keep the fat off, it shouldn't be a problem. Eating too much pizza will cause unnecessary problems in the body. pizza is made with Maida flour which can cause digestive disorders.

Healthy Pizzas:

We can eat pizza in a healthy way. When making pizza, use very few ingredients that can add fat. For example use less cheese, and mozzarella.

Sprinkle lots of vegetables:

Apart from chilies, you can add many more vegetables to the pizza. Feel free to add vegetables as per your taste.

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