Can a heart attack also be caused by weather changes?


These days, heart attacks are considered serious illnesses. Celebrities as well as regular people are falling prey to this illness. Mukhtar Ansari passed away on thursday after having a heart attack while incarcerated. As of this saturday morning, the South indian film industry has learned with great sadness that renowned actor balaji -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>daniel balaji has also passed away from a heart attack. Given the daily occurrence of heart attacks, one could wonder if the signs of an attack are already apparent. Though we often think of chest pain—or any pain—as a stomach issue, might it be the first signs of a heart attack? Are more heart attacks occurring as a result of the changing weather? 

At PSRI Hospital, Dr. manish Aggarwal holds the position of Senior Consultant and Head of Interventional Cardiology. According to Dr. manish Aggarwal, heart attack symptoms are present in the majority of instances. However, many disregard it since they think it's just a small issue with gas. Prior to a heart attack, jaw pain is frequently experienced, but people often mistake it for a tooth issue. That's the reason it hurts. Arm, back, and chest pain may be signs of a heart attack.

Men and women experience heart attack symptoms in exactly the same ways.

On social media, we frequently read that men and women experience heart attacks with different symptoms. Regarding this, Dr. manish states that nothing has in common the signs of a heart attack.

signs of a heart attack in a patient with diabetes?

Patients with diabetes frequently do not exhibit heart attack symptoms. In a scenario like this, it is crucial that you pay close attention to one thing: whenever you get pain or chest ache in one area, don't ignore it and see a doctor right away.

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