What has taken place in the matter of Amritpal Singh thus far?

1. Barricades have been installed near the toll gate of many districts. vehicles are being searched in Marnia and nearby villages including Harkhowal, Bibi Di Pandori and Bassi.

2. Dera has become a refuge for Amritpal Singh. police officers are investigating even the small rooms and stables built near handpumps, tents, and residential places in many villages. There is strict surveillance everywhere.

3. There were reports that Joga Singh, an aide of Amritpal Singh, has been arrested. Till now the police have not said anything about this.

4. In a video, Amritpal Singh claimed that he is not a fugitive and will soon come in front of the world. In the audio clip, he refused to surrender at the Akal Takht. He is also denying that he instigated the Akal Takht to convene the Sarbat Khalsa congregation for the second time to discuss issues related to the Sikh community.

5. punjab police found a video of Pappal Preet on the morning of 29th March. In the video, he is roaming around the camp. In the CCTV footage, he is seen walking happily.

6. According to a report, police teams have used drones to keep an eye on suspicious activity in the area.

7. Pappal Preet and Joga Singh have fled towards Sahnewal. They are hiding in the gurudwara.

8. During the absconding of Amritpal Singh, Pappal Preet separated. That's why he is releasing his audio and video messages. Amritpal is shooting video in selfie mode. He is roaming alone. police are looking for him.

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