Voter manipulation politics in the name of GDP...

On february 29, prime minister Narendra Modi shared a 'X' on social media on the third quarter of 2023–2024 GDP growth rate predictions. He argues in this way: "The robust GDP growth of 8.4% in Q3 2023–2024 illustrates the resilience and promise of the indian economy. Our continued efforts will propel swift economic expansion, improving the lives of 140 crore indians and advancing the development of a developed India. Will obtain it."

Prime minister Narendra Modi is attempting to establish through his social media posts that the nation's economy has grown stronger under the nda government, ahead of the lok sabha elections. Following the Prime Minister's post, there is an even greater surge in political activity surrounding GDP. The congress asserts that the Modi administration is manipulating statistics to mislead the nation's average citizenry. Jairam Ramesh, a congress lawmaker, seeks to clarify that what the Modi government is asserting serves no purpose for the average person.

The assertion of the Modi government and the math of Congress

Jairam Ramesh also frequently uses data to expose the Modi administration. According to him, the third-quarter GDP growth rate estimates do not truly represent the health of the economy. According to him, net tax and GVA (gross value added) are added to determine GDP. He claims that even if this quarter's gross value added (GVA) was just 6.5%, the 1.9% decrease in net taxes provides the impression that the GDP is growing at an 8.4% rate. Additionally, he stated that the country's average citizenry received less subsidies, which is why the net tax rate stayed at 1.9%. Check collection has not improved, he added.

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