Unfortunately, indians enticed into Russia's battle zone...

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has declared that it has discovered a network of spies who are escorting individuals to russia under the guise of offering them jobs and compelling them to enlist in the Russian army. In addition to igniting a political tempest, concerns have been expressed over those citizens' safety. But as we've already seen, india always returns its nationals who are stranded in conflict zones—whether they're in Yemen, the Ukraine, or another country—safely. However, there is currently a need for preventative measures, meaning that plans can be put in place to halt the residents who are getting ready to depart. social media is the norm in today's world, and the cbi has stated that an entire network of agents operates via social media.

Sooner rather than later, the government should act.

Travel agents throw all moral principles aside and labour wherever they find the opportunity to make money. They require a large number of personnel in order to fight with them or to advance in the conflict between russia and Ukraine. In this conflict, around 10 lakh people have perished. They want to bring in foreigners as resources to cover the void left by the departure of the Russian troops, and our travel agents deceive the indians by obtaining visas for them to enter the country as support workers or students. I'm sending it over there. Therefore, the indian government needs to move swiftly to put an end to this and try its hardest to bring the people who have vanished back. We have witnessed the effectiveness of the indian Foreign service in repatriating its countrymen once the task is completed.

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