For Indians, Putin issued a cease-fire - let's know...

In 2018, narendra modi made his first trip to Russia. It can be considered a daring move to even visit bhutan right before the elections and advocate for dialogue over violence. The only other leader who has stated to Putin that the time is not right for conflict but rather for negotiations is prime minister Narendra Modi. Nevertheless. Although Putin is a leader known for sticking to his convictions, he did not dispute PM Modi's remarks. 

Putin pays close attention to anything Modi says. Many indian students were in Kiev, Mariupol, and Donetsk when russia began its special military operation just two years ago. The administration was also concerned about the situation, as were the relatives of the students residing in India. In order to address this, the administration launched a special operation. Later, it was informed via phone that approximately 12,000 indian students were left stranded in Mariupol and Donetsk; their evacuation would be feasible if the fighting was temporarily halted. They will be removed from these nations by establishing a secure route.

This was a major achievement in politics and diplomacy. Following that, Putin paid attention to PM Modi, and every indian student made a safe return. The younger cabinet ministers contributed to this endeavor during this time. The main point is that russia is a nation that can be considered a superpower. Whether it was a nuclear matter or a period of war, if we examine it, russia has been with us since or before the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty of Peace in 1971. russia has backed india, while the united states has consistently rejected UNSC resolutions. india and russia have long enjoyed cordial relations.

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