Elections need to be a time for heated debate...

The attempts by the government to undermine civil rights ought to be discussed. With the Electoral Bond Scheme, citizens' fundamental rights were violated. This has even been allowed by the supreme Court. These facts—which are alarming and concerning for regular people—are emerging from the scheme's data. Subsequently, the bharatiya janata party got substantial donations from individuals or businesses that the Enforcement Directorate accuses. It is not difficult to comprehend the information regarding electoral bonds in order to demonstrate this point.

It's time to discuss electoral bonds

The fact that large corporations and businessmen have given the ruling parties enormous sums of money through bonds is no longer a secret. Among them are the Congress, Trinamool Congress, DMK, BRS, ysr Congress, and the bjp, which governs the nation's capital. These parties have all had state legislature seats at various points in history. In light of the public's confidence and constitutional rights in the political system, electoral bonds ought to be a significant election issue. But it doesn't appear like this is taking place on a national scale.

Unrest in politics is a significant problem.

There is another issue that, in the eyes of the general public, ought to be a major election topic. The subject of political unrest and leadership turnover is significant. These days, the party as a whole—not just the MPs or MLAs—moves quickly—overnight, throughout the day, or in an instant. The public observes how political parties and/or leaders abruptly switch allegiance for personal gain. The mandate from the previous elections and the public's backing means nothing to these political parties or their leaders. A direct betrayal of the public occurs when a sitting mp or mla switches allegiance overnight. On the other hand, this matter is not being discussed. All it takes to address this issue in a matter of days is to become mired in political accusations and denials.

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