BJP will become the home of PV narasimha Rao's son..?

The Modi administration declared this year that former prime minister PV narasimha Rao would receive a "Bharat Ratna" in posthumous recognition. Following this, prime minister Modi was publicly praised by prabhakar Rao, the son of narasimha Rao. According to recent reports, prabhakar Rao would shortly join the telangana BJP. NV Subhash is a member of the bjp and is the grandson of narasimha Rao.

The ninth prime minister of india, PV narasimha Rao, led the country from 1991 to 1996. narasimha was born in Wangara village in the warangal district of telangana on june 28, 1921. He introduced a new industrial policy in the 1990s that connected india to the world economy and drew in foreign investment. He was roughly eighteenth-century multilingual.

Former prime minister Chandrashekhar's son, Neeraj Shekhar

Neeraj Shekhar, the son of former prime minister Chandrashekhar, left the Samajwadi party and the rajya sabha in 2019 and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. was twice chosen as a Ballia mp in 2007 and 2009. His father had previously served as an mp from this constituency. Currently serving as a bjp mp in the rajya sabha is Neeraj Shekhar. indian politician Chandrashekhar was born on april 17, 1927, and had a difficult life filled with sacrifices. holding the office of India's eighth prime minister from november 10, 1990, to june 21, 1991. He served the nation while leading a minority government and overcoming numerous obstacles. As the head of the Janata Dal's breakaway faction, he displayed his political acumen and effective leadership.

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