Before the festival of diwali comes, the cleanliness starts in the houses of the people. Most people's cleaning work starts from the kitchen. Even after cleaning the entire kitchen, the bugs that appear in the sink look very dirty. The dirty dishes are washed in the kitchen sink. Insects start to grow from whose dirt. The sink pipe is attached to the drain. Because of which cockroaches and other insects coming out of the drain come into the sink.

It is very difficult to eliminate these insects. Even after taking many measures, these insects do not even take the name of ending. But if you want to eliminate these insects from the root, then try adopting these measures.

Baking soda
Most of the cockroaches bother the kitchen sink. To get rid of these cockroaches, first take baking soda. Put chopped onion in it. Now mix it. Spray the baking soda and onion solution on cockroach and insect bases. Cockroaches will stop appearing.

Neem leaves will help Insects run away very fast from neem leaves. It has anti bacterial properties. Use neem oil to get rid of kitchen sink bugs. Dissolve a little detergent powder in water and add a few drops of neem oil to it. Now spray this solution in the sink. This solution will kill the worms and will not breed again

If cockroaches and small mosquitoes come out of the kitchen sink in the house. So put fresh coffee near the sink. Insects run away from the smell of coffee. By the way, if insects are found in any corner of the house, then this method can be tried.

apple cider vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar is very useful for health and beauty as well as in cleaning the house. Insects are also eliminated with the help of apple cider vinegar. Fill a bottle with apple cider vinegar and cover it with plastic wrap. Make a small hole in it. The insects that are going to fly will come towards the vinegar from its smell and will start falling in the bottle. By the way, putting apple cider vinegar directly in the sink also kills the bugs.

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