Mohan raja had earlier said that there will be many changes when Nayanthara lucifer arrives in telugu as Priyadarshini in the telugu remake of Lucifer.

Lucifer is a malayalam movie directed by prithviraj Sukumaran and starring mohanlal in the lead role. Filming for Lucifer's telugu remake 'Godfather' is currently in progress.

 South indian heroine Nayanthara is playing the role of manju warrier in lucifer in Godfather. The look of Nayanthara in the film has been released by director Mohan raja himself.

Nayanthara will play the role of Priyadarshini played by manju warrier in malayalam in Telugu. Superstar chiranjeevi will play stephen, who was played by Mohanlal.

It is hoped that Mohan Raja, one of the best directors in Tamil, will complete the film effectively. Mohan raja shared the details of the completion of the main schedule of the film with Nayanthara on social media.
This is the third time Nayanthara and Mohan raja have worked together. Nayanthara starred in his films Thani Oruvan and Velaikkaran which were released in the last few years.

Mohan raja had earlier said that there will be many changes when lucifer arrives in Telugu. When chiranjeevi appears in telugu as stephen Nedumpalli played by mohanlal, there are reports that the character's past is different from Malayalam.
Mohanlal is portrayed in malayalam as Qureshi Abram as Don, a politician outside India, and stephen Nedumpalli as a politician in Kerala.

If it was a mass political thriller in malayalam, stephen would also go through a romantic track in Telugu.Another actor in the film is satyadev Kanjarana. Nirav Shah is the cinematographer and Shreekar prasad is the editor.

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