Even though the release date for Chiranjeevi's "Godfather" is getting closer, there isn't much buzz. There are only three weeks left. In buyer circles and other film circles, there are no rumours concerning this movie. The huge fans also don't seem to be anticipating this movie all that much, which is surprising. This is an unpleasant fact. In addition to salman khan and Nayantara, this movie is backed by konidela Productions and Supergood Films. This is a remake of the wildly popular movie "Lucifer." However, the film's basic buzz is still ineffective.

Many others blame Acharya's failure or the general lack of interest in lucifer since so many people viewed it on OTT. Additionally, other than the teaser, nothing from this movie has been released to grab viewers' attention. Songs and dances are essential components of a megastar's movies. Once the first song from the movie is released, we'll have to wait and watch how popular it becomes.

As the megastar cannot do interviews while sitting still for long periods of time, there is a publicity restriction for this movie. Never shows up for promotions, Nayantara. Mohana Raja, the director, and Satyadev, the actor, ought to advertise this. In mumbai and Anantapur, there will be two events for this movie. The Anantapur event is actually more significant than the mumbai event. Only with that could the movie generate buzz. Watching the flicks from megastars in their heyday is really a case of crossing one's fingers.

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