One of the most important actors in telugu cinema, if not the biggest, is the megastar Chiranjeevi. He has dominated the telugu film industry for more than two decades and paved the way for countless subsequent generations, including ram Charan, Allu Arjun, and other luminaries. He nonetheless made a strong comeback and shown that he is still at the top of the tree even after his brief hiatus.

But for chiranjeevi, everything appears to have changed after Acharya. acharya has been the subject of a lot of criticism both before and after his release. Losses suffered by the producers and Chiranjeevi's spat with koratala siva also did little to help. In addition, chiranjeevi has recently chosen poor scripts, which has contributed to his predicament. His pictures are not being purchased by any distributors. Only a few weeks remain until the debut of his upcoming feature, Godfather, but no distributor is prepared to purchase it at the asking price.

The price for the telugu states has been set by the Godfather's producers at 85 crores. However, the distributors are unwilling to take the chance since they believe there is little hype about the film. Additionally, Godfather is a remake of the lucifer movie in Malayalam. A chiranjeevi film has never before not sold out with less than 3 weeks to release. The film will be released everywhere, according to the makers.

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