Godfather, starring megastar chiranjeevi, debuted on october 5 in every country. This political drama, which is directed by Mohana Raja, also stars Nayanthara, satya Dev, and salman khan in significant parts. We are all aware that Godfather is an authorised remake of the lucifer movie in Malayalam. It was evident from the film's theatrical trailer that satya dev had a bad part to play. At first, it was thought that he would be playing tovino thomas again from the first film. But satya dev was presented poorly in the trailer.

Later, during the film's advertising, the producers added that satyadev will portray the adversary. Until recently, satya dev primarily portrayed gentle characters in his movies. Audiences have a very favourable impression of him. So, portraying him as an antagonist will undoubtedly be difficult. But the actor handled the situation like a piece of cake.

Furthermore, when chiru and salman portray decent roles, we anticipate an actor of their calibre to play a villain. Will satya dev be able to compete with them as an adversary? Everyone had this on their minds before the movie came out. On the other hand, chiranjeevi in the movie also gave satyadev adequate attention. Additionally, he said that satya dev did a fantastic job in his role and noted that it was he who suggested satya for the part. chiranjeevi has not recently promoted any telugu actors with the same fervour.

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