Even death might come about in an unexpected manner at times. Even though Senior chalapathi rao is no longer with us, his farewell tweet from two days ago continues to move his followers to tears.

After the passing of kaikala satyanarayana on december 23rd, chalapathi rao posted, "Nuvvu Koodaa Vellipoyavaa Sattennaa?" beside an old black and white photo of the two. When krishnam raju garu passed away in the past, he posted a picture with the caption "Nuvvu Koodaa Vellipoyavaa Annaa" with it. These tweets are undoubtedly being addressed today because the outstanding actor recently lamented the deaths of his fellow performers and has since passed on to be with them in paradise, leaving his fans in tears.

Chalapathi Rao frequently tweets interesting content since he frequently links to the legendary ntr in some way. Even for birthday greetings for other prominent celebrities, such as megastar chiru, he posts a photo of the receiver posing with NTR. Additionally, he uploads a tonne of old NTR-related photos, and some of the fans used to appreciate the trip down memory lane he gave them. Additionally, he is a staunch supporter of the telugu desam party and is not shy about expressing his views in support of the organisation founded by NTR. chalapathi rao will undoubtedly be missed.

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