"A year where we all experienced highs and lows, followed dreams and achieved some and failed to achieve others. Vijay devarakonda recently shared a photo of himself holding a champagne bottle and posing shirtless on his instagram page. He wrote, "We need to enjoy everything because that is life. But if the image speaks louder than the message, who cares? His admirers acted in this way.

When this picture was shared online, people made fun of the actor, claiming that he shouldn't have been drinking in the pool. However, several people noticed that rashmika had vacationed in the maldives at the same hotel where this picture was taken back in october 2022. Some people even questioned the actor about the actress in the picture because it was obvious that both were travelling to the maldives at the time. On the post where they requested the actor to upload a picture with that heroine, more and more comments have sprouted.

The taunting, teasing, and comments, however, are nothing new for Vijay devarakonda, who has often insisted that rashmika is nothing more than a close friend. Some fans decided it would be best to refrain from posting any images of the heroine for a few days due to the contentious remarks she is making these days.

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