The film business has already been affected by Pawan Kalyan's appearance on the popular chat programme "Unstoppable 2" and Balayya's extended efforts to meet him. While this episode has yet to air, another graphic is now causing a stir among fans in anticipation of its upcoming "mass" treat.

A new song by Veera simha Reddy with the lyrics "Mass Mogudu" was recently published by the film's creators. The song, a foot-tapping number that enthralled mass lovers, has balayya at the height of his dancing prowess and shruti haasan in the greatest light possible. Above all, the images of pawan kalyan touring the locations where this song was filmed have caused tremors.

One may say that Pawan Kalyan's entry is just that, fitting the song's words of "mass mogudchade." As this song is being shot at Ramoji Film City, PK is reportedly also filming on the floor below in the darbar set that has been built for hari Hara Veera Mallu. Pawan visited balayya after learning that he was filming the song incessantly. Fans are demanding balayya for the promo for this pairing's Unstoppable episode because the picture of pawan kalyan and balayya on the "Mass Mogudochade" song set is currently going viral.

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