Shruthi Haasan receives the indian Achievement Award..!?

Actress shruti haasan has been given the Power Corridors indian Achievement Award to appreciate the efforts of those who have dedicated themselves to the country by engaging in social service. Actress shruti haasan was the famous actresses in tamil cinema long time ago. She has many talents like being a playback singer, film music composer, and also an actress. Last year, her film Laabam was released. Currently, she is acting in films like Veera simha Reddy, Walter Veeriah, Salaar, and The Eye. shruti haasan has acted in many films in tamil, Telugu, and hindi languages and is currently acting in an english film as well. Apart from acting, she is also involved in social services from time to time.

It is at this stage at Vigyan Bhavan shruti haasan has been awarded Power Corridors indian Achievement Award. To recognize the efforts and dedication of those who have come forward to serve the country, the Power Corridors indian Achievement Award is presented every year. In this respect, this year the award has been given to shruti Haasan. Regarding this, shruti haasan said that she is happy that she got the opportunity to use the cinema industry to do such services. Delighted to receive this award. For a work of art, it is always humbling to receive appreciation.  It is noteworthy that she said that she would be grateful for that.

In this regard, WWF india said on their twitter page posted that its congratulations message to shruti haasan for receiving the Power Corridors india Achievement Award. Her passion for social causes makes them proud of their association, WWF india said. It is be noted that Shruthi is the brand ambassador of this organization.

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