Alphonse Puthren: "I am not a have no right to make fun of yourself" - answers Alphonse Puthren. 

If you want, look at my photos. Do not go to my social media page to express your anger. becomes invisible - son of Alfonso Gold, which premiered on december 1st, was produced by supriya Menon and Listens to stephen on behalf of prithviraj Productions & Magic Frames, with music by Rajesh Murugesan, directed by premam director Alphonse Putran, actor prithviraj and actress Nayanthara. 

After a seven-year hiatus from the massive success of premam, Alphonse Putrans' "Gold" was highly anticipated. The film was released with little fanfare due to the film's script dependency and received negative reviews on its first day. It was a disappointment for fans who expected a different level. Reply to negative reviews: As a result, fans troll and criticize social media. director Alphonse Putran has already given an adequate answer. 

However, the director, outraged by the low opinion of the film "Gold", responded with a new post on his Facebook. No Slave: "It might be good for you to badmouth me and my Gould film for your peace of mind, but it's no good for me."So I protest without showing my face on the internet. I am not your slave I do not give you the right to publicly tease or insult me. Check out my photos if you want. Do not come to my social media page to vent your anger. If you continue like this, I will become invisible on the internet. I am no longer what I was. I will be true to myself first, then my wife, my children, and those who love me most and who supported me when I fell. I can't forget: I'll never forget the smile on your face when I fell.No one falls on purpose. It happens of course. Then nature itself will support me. He gave the critics an appropriate response by saying, "May this day be a good one." This post went viral on social media.

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