Vishal has the famous actor's image tattooed on his chest...!?

Vishal, who is a leading actor in the tamil film industry, has tattooed the famous actor's image on his chest. Actor vishal is emerging as a leading actor in the tamil film industry. Mark Antony's movie is currently being made with him. Adhik Ravichandran, the director of trisha Illena Nayanthara, is directing the film. In this, Ritu varma is acting opposite vishal and SJ surya is acting as the villain. Apart from this, vishal is also gearing up to direct Thupparivalan 2. Mark Antony is planning to start shooting for Thupparivalan 2 after the shooting of the film is over. vishal will also debut as a director through this film. Because of this, recently vishal got an opportunity to play the villain in Thalapathy 67, but vishal refused to accept it.In this case, actor vishal has a new tattoo on his chest. A photo of the same has been released and is going viral on social media. vishal has the image of MGR, the revolutionary leader and former chief minister of tamil Nadu, tattooed on his chest. Vishal was an ardent fan of MGR. He has his image tattooed on his chest to express his love for him. After seeing this, fans are commenting on social media as if vishal is a fanatical fan of MGR.

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