In exchange for KRK who pocketed the ticket sales of Pathaan, made such a comment on Shah Rukh Khan

KRK has said something about Shah Rukh Khan's film Pathaan that people are surprised to see his twitter post.

Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Pathan' has been released in theatres. Since its release, the film is getting a tremendous response on social media. people who went to see the first show of the film have given it great reviews on Twitter. Many videos of fans screaming, crying, and dancing from the theaters have gone viral. At the same time, in the midst of all this, the 'Pathan Review' of KRK, who describes himself as a film critic, has come in tremendous headlines. people are surprised to see his post regarding the review. The surprising thing is that the tone of KRK, who was involved in the sale of 'Pathan tickets', has completely changed.

KRK is infatuated with Shah Rukh Khan after watching Pathaan

KRK could not believe earlier how so many tickets for 'Pathan' were being sold. He shared a video on the social account. Which he made a difference in the sale of 'Pathan Tickets'. At the same time, now that KRK himself has come to see Pathan, he liked the film. While giving the first review of the film, he praised the first half. In his post, he wrote- 'Interval has happened and till now shahrukh khan has set fire to 'Pathan'. KRK also gave 4 stars to the film.

Pathan tickets were sold in the sale

KRK had earlier shared a video taking a jibe at the bumper booking of 'Pathan'. In which two boys are seen holding hundreds of Pathan tickets. Both these boys died heart fans of Shah Rukh Khan and they had decided that after buying hundreds of tickets, they would distribute them for free and show 'Pathan' to everyone.

KRK did not like this and wrote- 'This is the real reason for the bumper opening of the film, obviously the film will not be able to survive on the second day'. Not only this, but he had also denied those reports as false, in which it was claimed that 25 closed theaters have reopened due to 'Pathan'.

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