SRK, Deepika, john abraham, Dimple Kapadia, and Bhai salman Khan's breathtaking cameo were among the ensemble cast in director Siddhart Anand's spy thriller disguised with high-octane action stunts set against huge backdrop. There's no denying that this is a great formula for producing six at the box office. At the box office, the movie is performing just as expected.

The protagonist defeats the armed goons with ease right from SRK's arrival in an action episode. The super-hero easily dispatches tens of villains despite suffering from severe bruises and knife strikes. Logic is put to the side in this spicy commercial film. There are helicopters, aerial battles, robberies, an Afghan community that adores Pathaan, and the formation of a team (JOCR) with injured troops.

Fans will marvel over SRK's sculpted physique and shirtless display of his six-pack abs. He once again demonstrates his immense charisma and status as the baadshah of love. He and deepika padukone have amazing chemistry. She is a visual feast in bikinis. The fact that john abraham is portrayed as a strong antagonist is why this action thriller was so well received by the general public. Single liners exist. Some of them were successful. SRK Pathaan is formulaic in every way. Everything appears fake and cinematic and lacks the necessary emotion, but still, audience are howling and cheering and that proves SRK is still the undisputed KING..!

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