A well-known telugu YouTube channel is well-known for its celebrity interviews with people from all walks of life in addition to owning the copyrights to numerous vintage films. As a middle-aged male anchor for this station over the past few years, he gained notoriety by speaking with several politicians. According to the sources, he got into a fight with the channel owner who gave him a job. According to the reports, ego is the only factor contributing to the discrepancies.

The anchor believed that he was the only reason the channel's popularity had increased. His dismissal, according to a source, was the result of his disrespectful and unkind behaviour toward the company. On the other side, there is another report that the company hired a new CEO, which caused friction between this anchor and some other senior employees, resulting once more in an ego conflict.

The new CEO brought her own team to the company and attempted to cause a rift between the old and new staff, but the company owner allegedly supported the new CEO more than these longtime employees. Along with this male anchor, a female anchor who rose to fame through her interviews on the same channel also left to work for a less well-known but well-paid YouTube channel.

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