The most recent news is that these two anchors have left this channel over the past month. When questioned about the cause, it is claimed that the male anchor has been making money from the visitors he interviews in addition to receiving a sizable payment from the business. Additionally, he allegedly requested a four-wheeler and a guest house in Hyderabad. His employer was irritated by this and fired him. The female anchor was also asked to go because the outcomes did not match up with her compensation.

When granted a pay package of Rs 3 lakh and Rs 2 lakh per month, respectively, these two then went to another channel through a middleman. One of them (a male anchor) transferred to another YouTube channel, which is currently developing well after the channel rejected them. With all of this, the media is making fun of the male anchor who thinks too highly of himself due to his modest level of fame.

He began his career as a regular reporter for a news publication, and it wasn't until he joined a YouTube channel at his employer's encouragement that he rose to prominence. According to sources, the male anchor fervently believes that he will enjoy the best of times because he is in high demand during the election season.

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