Mahesh, a superstar actor, is currently filming for the trivikram Srinivas-helmed film #SSMB28. At this time, they are filming at a specially constructed set in Sarathi Studios. However, the topic that is now circulating is regarding Mahesh's upcoming movie with SS Rajamouli. The actor is currently busy in hitting the gym and is also sculpting his body to tune according to the needs of trivikram and Rajamouli.

Mahesh Babu apparently has a reputation for rarely making significant stylistic changes to his appearance because he frequently sports the same beard and hairdo throughout most of the movies. His appearance hasn't changed much other than his attire. However, that strategy might not be successful for Rajamouli's film. Additionally, with the rrr maker expanding internationally, he would undoubtedly be anticipating something uncommon and novel from this leading man. There are rumours that Mahesh is also preparing for this change.

Mahesh wants to travel abroad and build a more macho body if rajamouli wants him to look like Charan or ntr in rrr once the script is ready. If the character demanded it, he would even show off his shirtless appearance. Additionally, he is preparing to alter his hairdo. rajamouli, on the other hand, believes that everything and anybody is capable of changing.

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