South indian bhamas have been doing a beauty fair in recent times, which has not affected the north bhamas. They are competing in showing their inclinations. It should be said that there were Malayali Bhamas first in this way. Everyone knows the range of beauty that malavika mohanan does. And like her, many Malayalee beauties do not limit themselves to the beauty show and entertain the boys with their beauty.

Aishwarya menon is another Bama at the forefront of them. This actress was introduced to the telugu audience through the movie love Failure. To date, this actress has done most movies in tamil and kannada languages. But it must be said that even after starting a career, there is no success at the expected level. But now this girl is attracting everyone's attention by increasing her following on social media with her hot photoshoots.

In this context, the directors are giving opportunities in the movies that will get cast fame lately. aishwarya Menon, who has done many kannada films, is currently acting in Fahadh fazil Man Soon Mongoose in Malayalam. I am hoping to make a hit in malayalam with this movie. On the other hand, aishwarya Menon will also enter Tollywood. She will play the heroine in the spy thriller movie Spy starring Nikhil Siddard.

Remarkably, this movie is being shot in the pan-India range. aishwarya Menon is hoping that the spy movie will change her fate. Meanwhile, this saleswoman makes noise on social media with regular hot photos of movies. Recently, this lady wears a black dress skirt and fascinates with her hot soya. Anyone should be a fan of aishwarya Menon's beauty in those costumes. In that range, it stands up stylishly with provocative looks and does the trick with its eyes.

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