The shocking revelation of anurag kashyap - a 2-year-old daughter says, what problem do you have no matter how I earn?

Entertainment Desk. Filmmaker anurag kashyap is busy promoting his film 'Almost Pyaar with dj Mohabbat' these days. In this connection, during an interview, he made shocking revelations about his daughter Alia. read Anurag Kashyap's revelations

Anurag Kashyap told in an interview with RJ siddharth Kannan that once his daughter alia told him about her struggle and explained how she is different from her father. But their struggle is different. It is not like our struggle, but it is."


Anurag Kashyap further said, “Parents do not understand their children. All they want is for their kids to live in a safe zone and their definition of safety comes from their terms. My daughter said to my face you don't understand me, mother doesn't understand me. He said that everyone tells him stories of me and my struggle, how I came here with Rs 500.”

According to anurag kashyap, his daughter says on his struggle, "I don't care. It's your fault that your parents spent more on your education. To give me You didn't have money to borrow for this. You had money to pay for my studies. My struggle is with myself. Struggle with me is tough."

Alia Kashyap, 22, is a YouTuber and tells her father not to ask her about her earnings. According to Anurag, his daughter tells him, "I am earning as I am, isn't it? I am paying the rent myself. What is your problem?" Anurag told that Aaliyah lives separately and pays the rent by herself. She also told that Aaliyah has her own YouTube channel, where she makes and uploads lifestyle-related videos.

Talking about 'Almost Pyaar with dj Mohabbat', the film is releasing on 3rd February. Apart from Alaya F and karan Mehta, vicky kaushal will make a special appearance in the film. It is being told that his appearance will be in the role of dj Mohabbat. anurag kashyap has written the story of this film and has also directed it.

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