Amigos, Nandamuri kalyan Ram's upcoming film, is slated for a big release on february 10. He's ready to dazzle audiences with it. In this movie, Kalyan ram plays three doppelgängers. Yesterday in Hyderabad, there was a pre-release screening of the movie, and ntr attended as the special guest.

Kalyan ram explained the meaning of the word "amigos" at the ceremony. He mentioned that Ramudu Bheemudu's double role-playing had begun with Senior NTR. balakrishna in Simha, chiranjeevi in Mugguru Monagallu, and Jr. ntr in jai Lava Kusa were a few examples of movies where actors performed many roles.

In all of these movies, according to Kalyan ram, the characters are linked to one another, but in Amigos, he portrays three doppelgängers. director Rajndera reddy received praise from Kalyan ram for her original story. You won't be let down by Amigos, declared kalyan Ram. The Man of the Masses ntr concluded by praising the group and his brother. He remarked "While seeing kalyan Ram's brother AV, I made observations. He made a lot of experimental films, in my opinion, of all the heroes in our family. He produced and acted in a number of complex and in-depth films."

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