Anurag Kashyap, a director, recently opened up about his personal life in an interview. He related a memorable episode in which he was detained in saudi arabia while intoxicated and carrying a bag of pork sausages. He described the circumstances leading up to the arrest on the programme "Unfiltered with Samdish," which took place after he was unable to fly out of denmark due to volcanic ash.

He drank wine while waiting in the lounge and fell asleep during the trip. He texted Ronnie Screwala after being detained upon landing in saudi arabia, and after a three-hour delay brought on by a disagreement with Saudi officials, he was eventually permitted to fly with Jet Airways. Anurag also stated, in a lighter vein, that he had downloaded a dating app but has since deleted it after spotting the profile of his manager and producer Guneet Monga.

In a recent interview, director Anurag Kashyap revealed details about his friendship with Shah Rukh Khan and salman Khan. Anurag also discussed his "Nora period," a time in his youth when he became fixated on Nora Fatehi's dane reels. Anurag expressed his love for Shah Rukh and revealed his bond with the Pathaan actor in an episode of Unfiltered by Samdish.

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