The release this week The popular malayalam film Kappela was remade as Butta Bomma. The movie's performance at the box office has been disastrous. The audience simply did not show up at the theatre despite all of the advertisements. The film's problems were made worse by the fact that it was a remake, the slow narration, and the zero star rating. Vishwak Sen and Sidhhu Jonnalagadda were asked to play the film's antagonists, but they declined. Butta Bomma's fate would have been unquestionably better if they had agreed.

With Butta Bomma's failure, tollywood has produced all of its remakes. Only Mega Heroes continue to make foreign language film remakes. The only remake projects (officially announced) in the tollywood business are megastar Chiranjeevi's Bhola Shankar, Pawan Kalyan's Vinodaya Sitham remake, and Theri Remake. After the release of these movies, we hope that even the Mega Compound heroes will refrain from making remakes and instead focus on making new and intriguing content.

Pawan Kalyan, a film star and the founder of the Jana Sena, continues to have problems related to his three marriages, not only in the political sphere but also on numerous occasions. During a talk show, host and veteran actor Nandamuri balakrishna asked Pawan the "haunting 3" marriage question. Actually, I didn't want to get married, Pawan alleged. I argued, "Let me be by myself." But it was because of my family that I got married for the first time.

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